Zat & Company

Core Consultants (CC) provides experienced and knowledgeable professionals to handle all phases of your project with the name of ZAT & Co. as Engineering Procurement Contractor (EPC) firm, ZAT & Co. handles all types and sizes of projects from new construction to renovations specially outlets fit out, furniture design, interior lighting, and commercial interiors.
Our project management team guides you through out every step of the project with our field staff, Workers and qualified subcontractors, delivering y o u r project on-time with the highest degree of safety and quality.
Utilising a EPC Contractor is most beneficial when aclientdesiresto contract directly with the consultant for design services and enter into a fixed fee contract with one contractor to perform all construction activities. Once that general contract is executed, with the exception of unforeseen conditions, the client's costs are fixed and the financial risk transfers from the Client to the Engineering Procurement Contractor (EPC). ZAT & Co. strives to provide the very best service at the most competitive price possible.

About Zat & Co

In our Design-Build method of project delivery, ZAT& CO will establish a single contract with the owner to provide all architectural, engineering and construction services.
With both design and construction placed in the hands of ZAT & CO, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost and schedule adherence. ZAT & CO and design personnel, working together as a team, evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately. Value engineering and construction ability are utilised continuously and more effectively when the designers and Core Consultants work as a team during the entire design process. These steps ultimately save significant amounts of money and time for the owner.

Once the design phase is completed, ZAT & CO establish construction schedule, provides full-time on-site project and safety management, coordinates and expedites the project with all parties, addresses all issues and concerns and submits all closeout documentation to the owner. As, design and construction are overlapped and bidding periods are eliminated, ZAT & CO can significantly reduce the completion time of your project.
ZAT & CO is able to bring you this turn-key construction delivery system due to our reputation, technical and managerial qualifications, past performances and associations with outstanding and respected design firms in addition to alliance with the best manufacturers/ importers in the market.