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When you step into a home that is well designed, you are immediately comfortable. There is a sense of delight, even awe as you look about. You want to stand where you are and take it all in while at the same time, the view into the next space draws you there. There is balance, beauty, light and even whimsy. How was this achieved you wonder? We strive to answer that question in every design project we undertake. At Core Consultants (CC), the elements of good design combined with the fundamental of good business open the door for a successful design.


Communication is undeniably the most important ingredient of our work. We want to learn about your needs, goals, thoughts and desires. We listen to you. We share sketches and ideas. From the very first meeting until moving day we are available for you.


Design is part instinct and part inspiration. Instinct comes from our experience and skill. However, inspiration arises from thoughtful attentiveness to the unique elements each project holds: its setting, the topography, its light, its style, its materials. Attention to scale, style, and proportion turn the ordinary into the unexpected.


We like to think this is the area that sets us apart from the crowd. One of the most important elements of home design is intricate attention to the interior detail of your home. Even the most subtle details can create a dramatic difference.


A design can be beautiful but to be truly exceptional it must fit the way you live. We spend the time to get to know how your family works and plays. What your “must haves” and “dreams” are. Then we go to the drawing board and combine the practical needs of modern life with the beauty of design.


We take care in marrying the design of your home to the characteristics of your site. Similarly, we work to create the proper flow from interior to exterior. The finished product should be a place of comfort for loved ones as well as a place of refuge.


A home is transformed from merely functional to truly extraordinary when designed to take advantage of how light and air move through it. With compass in hand, we walk your site. By watching the movement of the sun and measuring angles and views, we can design your home to the site’s unique characteristics.

Combination of Modern Life With The Beauty Of Design

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