Core Consultants

We at Core Consultants (CC) are committed to provide architectural and engineering design consultancy services to all of our valued customers with utmost satisfaction and professional excellence. Core Consultants (CC) is a full service Architecture, Engineering Design Consultancy & Construction Firm.
Our project goals are to design the appropriate solution functionally and aesthetically in conformance with the clients program and budget while maintaining compatibility with the immediate environment. We provide a complete design service throughout both the design and construction phase.

Core Consultants (CC) is interested in any project where the client strives for the same excellence and level of quality we are committed to with each and every project. Our success has been built on professionalism, performance and client focus and we will continue to deliver quality services with even greater access and flexibility. Our knowledge, experience and philosophy is sustainable and climate-responsive design as we collaborate with our clients, it’s our task to find innovative and practical solutions for the most

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Interior Design


It is always my pleasure to welcome all of you; Apart from providing background information and statistics on our organisation, our core capabilities and the services that we provide, this profile will give you an insight into how we have evolved over the years into what we are today.
We certainly have come a long way; this long journey has not been without its toil and pain. But we at Core Consultants regard every obstacle in the path as a challenge to our own capabilities. Our achievements have been based on the time tested principles of honesty, Hard working and dedication.

Core Consultants has a history of responsible business conduct. We strongly believe that real business success is not just about profits measured in numbers but also, as importantly, about how those numbers are achieved.
Core Consultants (CC) strategy reflects our commitment to sustainable development and service to our community. Notwithstanding the above, our steadfast commitment towards the timely delivery of quality projects to our clients from healthy, comfortable & safe working environments remains resolute.
We hope it has been useful and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Zulfiqar Ali Tariq ,



For the last two decades, Core Consultants (CC) has provided the local market with building and construction solutions, maximising the value for our customers in the region. For many years we have witnessed consistent growth, achieved a long-term success and faced with challenging times.
Our key strategic imperative now is to shift our focus in providing solutions to the end users . We shall work continuously to provide our customers with service and quality products at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being the customer’s first choice, which is also our mission. When it comes to ethics and integrity their can be no
compromises, no excuses.
Core Consultants management team is committed to our company’s core values which are behind Core Consultants (CC) success for all these years. We expect that same commitment from our employees and business partners. Integrity, honesty, competency, collaboration, creativity and respect — these values have defined Core Consultants since the founding of the Company. Our commitment to these ideals must be unwavering. Our vision is to deliver a customer experience second to none.

Ariz E Gul Tariq ,




We believe in Sustainable design; it is the philosophy of designing physical objects, the built environment and services to comply with the principles of economic, social, and ecological sustainability.
The intention of sustainable design is to "eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skilful, sensitive design". Manifestations of sustainable designs require no non-renewable resources, impact on the environment minimally, and relate people with the natural environment. Applications of this philosophy range from the microcosm — small objects for everyday use, through to the macrocosm — buildings, cities, and the earth's physical surface.
It is a philosophy that can be applied in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, urban planning, engineering, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, and fashion design. Sustainable design is mostly a general reaction to global environmental crises, the rapid growth of economic activity and human population, depletion of natural resources, damage to ecosystems and loss of biodiversity


A summer night in the woods between a tent canvas and a full moon, the silhouette of an oak leaf was cast. A silhouette, a shape, a story, which over time was manipulated, destroyed, recreated, copied and rotated, finally to be the logo of CORE CONSULTANT
An oak tree shares the qualities that identify and characterises our company and mentality. Oak is tough, yet flexible. Oak is solid, firm, and durable, but is also easy to work with. An oak tree is beautiful and represents something constant OAK demands plenty of light to grow, therefore an oak forest is light and open. This makes it possible for light to reach the forest floor, giving many other plants, bushes and trees the opportunity to create undergrowth. This again gives rise to a manifold animal life. The OAK tree develops a sturdy tap root, which grows straight down into the ground, making it stand strong through a storm. Oak trees can grow from just about any type of forest soil and can be 400-500 years old, or even older.
Only time will show, whether or not Core Consultant will reach that age, but the silhouette from the oak leaf on the tent canvas that night in the woods became a clear identity that we can grow with. Equally downwards, upwards, and outwards – solidly, flexibly, and openly towards the world.


CORE CONSULTANTS (CC) is registered with Registrar of Companies , Government of Pakistan and following Development Agencies as Consulting Architects & Engineers

01. Registrar of Companies - Government of Pakistan                - Certificate Attached
02. Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan                    - Certificate Attached
03. Pakistan Council of Architects & Town Planners                  - Certificate Attached
03. Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)                                      - Certificate Attached
04. Pakistan Green Building Council                                            - Certificate Attached
05. Association of Consulting Engineers                                        - Certificate Attached
06. Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)                                            - Certificate Attached
07. Memberships & Registrations (Register)
a. Registered Architect with Defence Housing Authority, Lahore, (DHA)
b. Registered Architect with Multan Development Authority, (MDA)
c. Member Pakistan Institute of Architects , Lahore Chapter, (IAP)
d. Registered Architect for Lahore Development Authority, (LDA)
f. Registered with Planning & Development Department, (P&D)


We use the word “colleague” rather than “staff” or “employee” because we want everyone to recognise that the usual rules of command and control don’t apply at Core Consultants.
Managers create the culture and set the strategy but our bosses don’t give orders, their role is to pick the right personalities then help them do their job. Every colleague has the individual freedom to come up with the best way to achieve results.
We thought hard but couldn’t find a better name than colleague. Neither “associate” nor “teammate” felt right. “Comrade” gave the wrong vibes and, although “partner” is perfect for John Lewis, our people don’t have shares in the business.

Professional Staff

01. Professional Architects                                                 - 04 No.
02. Professional Engineers (Civil)                                      - 02 No.
03. Associate Engineers (Civil /Architecture)                    - 04 No.

Para - Professional Staff

01. AutoCAD Drafting Staff                                                  - 08 No.
02. Office Management Staff                                                - 03 No.
03. Support Staff (Driver, Security, Office Boy)                  - 04 No.
The culture of any business has a big influence on its success.
Our culture is focused on, and has been developed by, our people.
That’s why we don’t employ staff and prefer working with colleagues.