Core Consultant has a well-established and internationally renowned research culture that encourages and supports high quality, innovative research through practice, history and theory. This rich spectrum encompasses the critical practices of fine artists, curators and cultural commentators and historians, alongside that of designers, film makers, architects, town planners and surveyors, all of whom have extensive professional, industrial and commercial links. Our aim is to foster a dynamic and stimulating environment that realizes and supports individual and collaborative research projects. This is achieved through an exchange of ideas and practices within and across the disciplines, directly benefitting the wider academic community as well as industry, business and the public.

These competitively won grants have enabled ambitious research projects such as the Creative Resources project on recycled materials in design; research into color, design and the environment; and critical developments in individual and collaborative practice in fine art, design and the built environment.

We are spealized in
  • Historical Building Research
  • Cenered Design Research
  • Cultural Design Research
  • Sustainable Design Research